Devastated Michael O’Leary Fears Demand For Air Travel Will Increase Revenues For Ryanair


CHAMPION and protector of the consumer Michael O’Leary has sounded the alarm over fears that air fares will increase in price due to the increased demand for foreign holidays predicted for next year.

“I’m beside myself with worry that airlines will put their prices up in response to actually having passengers to fill their planes again, driving more money my way” cautioned a distraught O’Leary.

With a number of airlines having bitten the dust since the pandemic began or forced to up prices to regain losses, airlines such as Ryanair are potentially looking at endless queues of desperate holiday makers left with no choice but to choose to fly with the ‘cheap but a pain in the hole to travel with’ airline.

“Poor Michael’s tear ducts have nothing more to give, he’s looking at potentially increasing Ryanair’s market across Europe as competitors shrink or fail, he takes no joy in knowing you’ll soon have no choice but to fly with the airborne anxiety attack that is his airline,” shared travel expert Morgan Maffin.

“What I like about O’Leary is that when he says things like this, you can trust that there’s no ulterior motive. He’s just a straight shooter, fighting for the little guy like me who would happily have my legs crushed in a Ryanair seat instead of paying more than 10 euro for a flight to Poland,” shared one local man, who will burst a blood vessel in 6 months time when a Ryanair staff member tries to charge him €70 for having a bag .000001kg over the weight limit.