In Order To Get Vaccinated, Local Man Must Accept Fact He’s In His 40s


YOUNG at heart but 43-years-old in body, Waterford man Kenneth Ferrell has been coming to terms with the unstoppable force that is time itself, in a bid to finally register himself for a Covid-19 vaccination.

Ferrell, often mistaken by himself for a much younger man, had openly lamented that his turn for vaccination was still ‘ages away’, until his wife Lisa pointed out that he was within the 40-49 year old cohort currently being accepted for vaccination by the HSE.

“Ah they’ll never give me the vaccine, they’ll say I’m chancing my arm with a fake ID” explained the dad-of-three, while looking in the mirror and sucking his gut in.

“They’d say I was trying to rob a vaccine on some poor older person that needed it, while I’m still a virulent, vibrant young man who can ward off disease at every turn”

“Sure, I still get asked for ID when I’m buying drink the odd time” he added, despite 1998 being the last time this happened.

In a bid to get her husband to accept the fact that he’s an actual aul lad, Lisa Ferrell has lined out all the things he’ll be able to do with ‘the lads’ once he gets his shot and life returns to normal.

“Hey, come on, don’t you want to go to Decco’s 48th birthday?” pleaded Lisa, as her husband threatened to show her how many sit-ups he could do.