WWN Reviews The Latest NPHET Briefing


WWN REVIEWS the latest episode in the long running ratings smash NPHET.

It’s always tough to know when to end a long running series. All the energy, verve and pizzazz NPHET briefings were known for when it first burst onto our TV screens seems to have been drained from these latest episodes.

Must-see live TV in the age of streaming is rare. We all remember waiting a full week for the next episode of the final seasons of Game of Thrones, the thrills and anticipation were unparalleled. NPHET had that appointment viewing quality.

NPHET could once claim the mantle as such a nerve shredding spectacle as GoT. Alas, those days seem gone. Stressing more positive and hopeful storylines seems a miscalculation by writers, with the latest plot involving no Covid patients in St James hospital for the first time since March 2020 a big upbeat shift in tone for the franchise.

There’s little spark among the cast and there’s a sense of repeating plots with diminished returns. Yes, the introduction of the Delta variant is a doomladen bit of excitement but the earlier episodes really felt they had jeopardy about them. Can viewers honestly say they’re bothered finding out how this Delta variant storyline goes?

There’s no doubting the screen presence of the regulars but could a shake up of the cast turn things around? Not likely, but a steady audience albeit a fraction of the ratings juggernaut it once was, means the series will trundle on.

A long overdue parody episode could reignite the spark or the introduction of a musical number, but we get the sense that the audience are now only watching out of obligation or habit.

And has with all popular franchises, the toxic fan culture and criticism online makes it next to impossible to watch.