Bookies Make Ireland Favourites For 2022 World Cup After 4-1 Win Against Andorra


LAYING down a marker with their 4-1 defeat of European heavyweights Andorra, the Irish soccer team have been made favourites for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by bookies.

Odds on to win, Ireland’s ‘favourites’ tag appears to be driven by slightly delirious Irish supporters who, struggling to process the rare adrenaline rush that comes with actually winning a game, have forgotten the fact Ireland lost their first two qualifiers.

“I put my life savings on Troy Parrott being top scorer in Qatar too,” confirmed one fan, who refused to get carried away by a 4-1 flattening of a team of tiring amateurs and denied the sudden rush of endorphins may have erased any frustrating memories from the game itself.

“I thought the wife would kill me, but she wants to remortgage the house and bet on James McClean to win ‘best singer of a national anthem’ in Qatar,” added the fan, one of just 40,000 who have been diagnosed with ‘post-not-losing psychosis’.

Maintaining it was ‘never about the Euros’, Irish fans are licking their lips at the prospect of Parrott breaking Robbie Keane’s goal scoring record in the World Cup final against France or Brazil.

“I always trusted in Stephen Kenny’s process,” explained another fan, who had never believed in Stephen Kenny’s process until he was 6 cans into watching Ireland go 4-1 up last night.

“It’s rebuild, we can’t demand instant success with the players we have,” added the fan who demanded instant success with the players we have.