We Handpicked The Worst Possible Screenshot Of Matthew Perry From The ‘Friends’ Reunion So We Can Publicly Speculate On His Health For Clicks


AFTER hours of debate over what exact frame to use of Matthew Perry from the ‘Friends’ reunion, WWN has carefully chosen the worst possible screenshot we could find in the hopes it will spark some form of speculation about the actor’s current state of wellbeing with our readers.

Not happy to leave Perry’s historical substance abuse issues where they belong in the past, we believe his slightly warped facial expression here may just be subtle enough for our sterling publication to get away with without any shaming accusations, or unfair gaslighting towards his appearance.

Known for our heroic stance when it comes to our campaign against body shaming female celebrities, our editors and sub-editors agree this screengrab is potential click ‘gold’ when it comes to inciting unfounded rumours, leaving it to our followers to hypothesize on whether he may be still secretly necking tablets on the sly, driving our social media engagement wild.

Contemplating headlines which put the unfair observations we want to make onto you, our reader, such as, ‘Viewers Point Out Matthew Perry Speech Was Slurred’, thus distancing our flawless publication from any wrong doing or malice, we instead decided to go with the worst possible image of him we could find with a reverse psychology headline like ‘Doesn’t Matthew Perry Look Great In The Friends Reunion?’, a move we also like to do when body shaming female celebrities when paps take unflattering images of them.

Despite our cunning ability to twist and skew news and media in our favour for unwarranted kudos, we would also like to promote recommended articles which totally contradict everything we were just trying to hide, because hey, we really don’t give a fuck what harm we do as long as we generate revenue from you dumb fucks.