Who’s Responsible For The HSE Hack? We Investigate


THE OBVIOUS answer as to what type of person or group that has hacked into the HSE’s IT system and disrupted the health service’s ability to delivery critically important services such as care for cancer sufferers could very well be that the perpetrators are simply vile scum or state-sponsored vile scum attempting to extort or damage the health service via a ransomware attack.

However, what if the reason for the hack is far more innocent? WWN takes a look the possible explanations for how the IT system was taken offline:

– Repeatedly failing to heed the warnings of IT workers within HSE and those who use the cumbersome, vulnerable and outdated software day-in, day-out.

– Stephen Donnelly asking everyone in the HSE to like his latest tweet at the exact same time.

– System wide crash after someone tried to open Internet Explorer on a computer still running on Windows 7, protections for which are long expired and have required the HSE to pay Microsoft extra for help with maintenance.

– The IT system can only count up to 40 billion on waiting list software and thus crashed spectacularly.

– A senior manager just discovering the concept of something called ‘internet search history’ pouring his coffee over the HSE’s entire supply of computers.

– Someone within the HSE accidentally becoming the first person ever to click on one of those ‘Pat Kenny loses fortune’ dodgy pop up ads.

– A critical failure to forward on a chain mail which warned of serious consequences if it wasn’t sent on to at least 10 friends.