Typo Sees Dozens Of Priests Wrongly Arrested In Catholic Converter Raid


A SENIOR member of An Garda Síochána has been forced to make a public apology to the Catholic Church, after a crack team of armed cops stormed a Waterford church this morning to bust what they believed was a team of criminals who have been stealing car parts in the area.

“To the priest who we hit in the face with a baton, we’re truly sorry” said Sgt. Declan Morris, after his team beat the crap out of what turned out to be Catholic Converters instead of a ring of catalytic converter thieves.

“The theft of catalytic converters remains rampant in Ireland as more and more crime gangs become aware of the value of the rare metals inside the parts, so when we got a note from dispatch that gave us the go ahead, we went for it. Unfortunately it turned out to be priests working on baptisms and the like, but the lads were all amped up and started cracking skulls before we realised. That’s on us, sorry!”.

The sergeant went on to also apologise for another raid later in the day, where his team smashed up a veterinarian clinic, which was later found to be a testing ground for a new form of feline therapy known as cat-specific inverters.

“Again, that’s the software we have, it picks up audio chatter and sometimes gets mixed up. Maybe it’s the Waterford accent, who knows” said a red-faced Morris, before ordering his team to go on a third raid at a local dairy farm, where he was certain the catalytic converter gang were hiding.

“We have them this time, for sure!” he beamed, before distressing sounds of mooing began coming over his radio.