Local Mother Sends Son To Shoe Shop To Buy Himself High Heels In Woman’s Size 6


MINUTES after the government relented and accepted the please of parents and medical professionals to recognise buying childrens’ shoes in-person as ‘essential’, one local mother has gotten her son first in the queue at her local Clarks branch.

“Remember now, Mammy needs, I mean, you need those high heels in a size 6 for school,” mother Brenda Farren told her son Jack, “and we’ll get you those cute ankle boots that’ll go well with your new high waist jeans from Littlewoods”.

Now walking up and down his local Clarks testing his new shoes, stumbling as his ankles gave way underneath him and his feet slipped out, Jack was given a number of encouraging nods and gestures by his mother to help him indicate these are perfect for school.

“Are they comfy love? Do you think your ankles would swell in them or do you think they’re perfect for a night out with your aunty Trish whenever the pubs open again?” Brenda asked as Jack did as previously discussed before entering the shop.

“These are perfect mum, will come in very handy in school,” Jack confirmed.

Ringing up the shoes Brenda made small talk with the cashier stating “I bet you’re only delighted to be back open” but before the cashier could respond they were interrupted by another customer asking for a size 13 hiking boot and if they stocked Nike Air Jordans both of which were definitely for his 3-year-old daughter.