“We Have A Solid Plan” Says Government In Cruel April Fool’s Day Prank


LABELED ‘in poor taste’ and ‘unconscionably cruel’ the government has come under fire for its poorly received April Fool’s day prank which saw the Taoiseach and his ministers stage a press conference in which they claimed to have a solid and coherent plan.

“Who in the name of God thought this sort of sick prank was a good idea?” groused one member of the public, who prefers even the most outlandish of April Fool’s pranks to have a shred of believability.

The awkward, humourless media address drew zero laughs from those attending despite the occasional smirk being shared between government TDs as they tried to say ‘the enhanced vaccine rollout will be carried out smoothly and all targets will be hit without any monumental cock ups or scandals’ with a straight face.

“We are in the final stretch, no more lockdowns,” shared one sniggering minister before collapsing in a heap.

In a pathetic attempt at humour several government ministers and TDs then thought it would be funny to give out about the new vaccine priority list, acting like they weren’t part of the government which agreed to it, even though several were present in the very cabinet meeting that signed off on the new measure.

“That’s poor form now, imagine not realising it’s April the 1st and seeing this news, I mean, you still wouldn’t believe a word of it, but taking the piss like this is the last thing we need” added another member of the public.