TD Uploads Video Of Self In Dáil Like It’s MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech


NOTICING how much positive feedback some Dáil colleagues get when they upload their contributions in the Dáil to their social media accounts, one TD has jumped on the bandwagon and is anticipating a wave of adulation on par with that received by Martin Luther King and other famous orators operating at the peak of their powers.

“I acknowledge the minister has previously committed to this but the bus shelter off the old road still hasn’t been removed, there’s broken glass there – it’s a risk to life” began TD Eoin Dunleavy, highlighting something that couldn’t be further away from the remit and responsibility of a government minister, and is something best taken up at local council level.

“The minister can hide behind excuses saying it’s a matter for the council, but don’t matters matter most when we say it matters most-tily” added Dunleavy, just about stopping himself from doing a ‘drop the mic’ motion to cap off what he incorrectly believed was an incendiary speech that matched the great speech givers of bygone eras.

“Whack that up on social media now!!!” read the text from Dunleavy to his parliamentary assistant, sent just seconds after his brief incoherent ramble of a speech finished.

“Let me know when it hits 100,000 views,” read the follow up text from Dunleavy, who was writing the text as the minister tried to respond to his query.

Adrenaline coursing through his body at an alarming rate, Dunleavy felt like a rock star headlining Glastonbury and was getting drunk on the idea of all the incoming adulation from the public.

Elsewhere, Dunleavy’s parliamentary assistant was drafting a range of excuses for why the video only got 107 views, with the excuse most suitable for gently letting the TD down being ‘there is a widespread conspiracy against you perpetrated by those in power intent on silencing all your brilliance’.