“RTE Is Killing Babees Ded, Gerda Korruption Is Elverys Wear”


SILENCED, mocked and denigrated for far too long, the proud patriots of Ireland took to Grafton Street on Saturday to take their country back from lockdown* and from an overbearing government* hellbent on taking our freedoms.

In a bid to hear from these silenced voices WWN interviewed one of the men present at the protest.

“RTE is killing babees ded, Gerda korruption is Elverys wear,” confirmed Alan Foylen in an email exchange with WWN.

“De RTe player mite brake down wen 4 peeple our on it at de same time but dey our at de center of this so-fisted-kated conspiracy to create de covid scam,” added Foylen, a walking advertisement for why schools should never ever close again.

“Its in de Irish constant tution that Liam Neeson as Michael Collins rote dis isn’t wat I died for at 1916,” continued Foylen, who will appear on Claire Byrne Live, Prime Time, the Late Late, the Tonight Show and local radio in the coming months.

“Dis all star ted with the fig rolls, we wanted answers and dey hid the truth. De ppl our rising up like a patriotic yeast”.

“Luke O’Neill shud stick to singing in de Dubliners, dusn’t no anything bout de science of common sense. Are freedoms are gone, pubs shut for two long. I havent had a drink ‘cept in me mate’s shebeen every nite, and de gaff parties, and de sessions after de drives down the cuntry for more protests. I hate been locked up like dis”.

“De gerda need to do sumthing bout the real criminals Antifa. I rang them when antifa made me wet de bed after a bad dream I had ‘n dey dint even come to the house to take me statement, der a disc race”.

*Immigrants, foreigners, black lads, anyone who isn’t white.