Government To Get Onto Stardust Inquests Once They Finish Mother & Baby Homes Whitewash


THE GOVERNMENT has appealed to desperate families still seeking justice for their loved ones 40 years on from the Stardust fire to be a little patient and wait until the Mother and Baby Homes whitewash is fully dealt with properly covered up.

“We can’t give delaying inquests into Stardust deaths and us fighting families with the full might of the Irish state our full attention until we’re 100% sure we’ve got away with a botched report into Mother and Baby Homes and the deleting of survivor testimony,” confirmed one government spokesperson.

“We understand people are very keen to be next in line to be spectacularly let down by the state, but a little patience wouldn’t go a miss, we’ve the CervicalCheck survivors to disappoint and hurt too” added the spokesperson as legal professionals representing Stardust families confirmed their correspondence to the Department of Justice have gone unanswered.

Promised fresh inquiries in September 2019 into the deaths of the 48 people who died in the Stardust fire, the Department of Justice continues in its failure to release funds as part of the legal aid for families of the victims thus delaying to start of the inquests.

“They’re quite lucky actually as they got an disgraceful and shameful inquiry which completely absolved the business owners of all liability for the fire, which is a lot more than most people get from the Irish state, we usually just ignore them entirely,” confirmed the spokesperson.

If you’re wondering what’s taking the Department of Justice so long, you can contact the Minister for Justice HERE.