Local Council Now Salting And Vinegaring Roads


WATERFORD County Council has unveiled a brand-new fleet of trucks which will now not only salt the county’s roads, but also vinegar them too in a new road safety measure, WWN can confirm.

The updated gritters will carry two loads of both equal measures of salt and vinegar and have advised road users to wear masks while inside their cars due to the pungent fumes the mix will leave in the trucks’ wake.

“Some areas will receive more vinegar than salt depending on their preference,” County Council spokesman Derek Maher explains the craic, “a lot of places like you to lash on the vinegar first before salting, but then others don’t want any vinegar at all so we’re just aiming to please everyone, and I suppose save lives too in the process”.

The white vinegar, which is the same that’s used in chippers, is expected to keep lodging snow at bay due to its trace alcohol content and also tastes great on chips and salads.

However, environmentalists have slammed the new measures, stating that the runoff water could harm local fish, vegetation and wildlife in the area, a comment later rubbished by Maher.

“Nonsense, boy! If that’s the case, chippers won’t need to salt or vinegar their fish and chips then, saving them an absolute fortune over time,” Maher concluded.