World Growing Concerned About Milk Bottles & Junk Mail Piling Up Outside North Korea


“SOMEONE should knock in, see if they’re okay” mused a spokesperson from the East Asia Neighbourhood Watch community on the group’s WhatsApp this morning, referring to the fact that nobody had seen or heard from anyone from North Korea for quite some time.

“I think they’re okay”, remarked China. “Sure we only saw them, when was it now, before Christmas? Anyone seen them since after Christmas?”

Ascertaining that it had been mid-October since anyone had contact with the sometimes volatile rogue state, representatives from South Korea admitted that not only had they not checked in one ‘them upstairs’, they had also noticed a large amount of post flowing out of the letterbox at the DMZ between the two countries.

Fears then began to grow about what might have happened to the people in North Korea, with some dreading that the Covid-19 pandemic may have ‘whipped them out of it’, and others saying that leader Kim Jong-Un may have ‘gone off on one’ again.

“The man up there, sure you know what he’s like, he could have done anything” sighed Beijing.

“But look, it’s not our place to pry. You never know what goes on, behind closed borders. And yes, it is a little worrying to think about those poor people, but we’ve got our own problems at the minute. And besides, they’re probably grand. If you go over knocking on the door or send the police around, you could be just making trouble for yourself. Leave well enough alone, that’s what I say”.

The neighbouring countries have agreed to ‘let things sit’ for now, but will try and get a peek in through the curtains next time they’re going past.