Kim Kardashian Asks For Publicity At This Difficult Time


AS RUMOURS continue to swirl about the fate of her relationship with Kanye West, reality TV royalty Kim Kardashian and her team have urged the press to respect her right to maximum publicity at this difficult time.

“It is at this difficult time Kim asks for wall to wall coverage and for her privacy to be disrespected,” read a section of a brief statement from Kardashian’s representatives.

Kardashian’s people stated that they will have a comprehensive list of all the locations at which she will be available for being photographed in due course.

“Kim will be out in public and available to photographers for a range of photos including ‘tired and stressed’, ‘hitting the gym’, ‘flaunting famous curves’ ‘not wearing wedding ring’ and ‘out with mystery man’ in due course, we trust the media can be relied on to honour Kim’s publicity”.

Her representatives said they would inform the media of the identity of her new beau once the committee had selected the successful candidate.

“There has already been a lot of interest and we’re just trying to work through applications, ultimately we will go with what works best for Kim’s brand. She’s not ruling out a female partner if the publicity is right. We ask for patience and Kim’s fans do not need to worry; Kris has had the TV cameras rolling on all the drama for the inevitable new reality series,” explained a member of her team.