Mysterious Metal Monolith Appears In Dublin


DUBLINERS were greeted by the presence of an enormous metal monolith this morning located directly in the middle of O’Connell Street, standing hundreds of feet high with no one able to explain how or why the monstrosity got there.

“The fuckin’ state of that thing,” replied one local resident when we pointed out the long, needle-like object protruding from the ground, “that’s a ridiculous place to put something like that, wha’? What bunch of eejits did that, eh?”

The second such monolith to appear since international headlines greeted the one found in Utah in America, speculation is now rife across Dublin city, with some people suggesting that aliens left the stainless steel object there over night.

“Actually, no, aliens would have a bit more cope than to leave that mess there – they’d have standards,” said another man, disgusted with himself for even blaming a higher advanced race of creating whatever it’s meant to be”.

While scientists studying the structure could find no explanation for its sudden appearance, they did stress that it seemed to act like a magnetic beacon for certain sections of Dublin society, with many of them drawn towards it to participate in an ancient local ritual known as ‘nuisance making’.

Measuring over 100 meters, very little media attention was paid to the mysterious metal monolith, with just a handful of visitors flocking to it today.

“Oh no, I’m just waiting here to cross the street, I didn’t even see it there,” insisted one unimpressed tourist we spoke to, who admitted to barely glancing at the thing or caring too much about what is or where it came from, “Hopefully it will disappear like that one in Utah and free up some space around here for a cycle lane or something useful like that, just not whatever this is”.