Vulnerable Immigrant Forced Into Doing Degrading Things To Keep Citizenship


POLICE in the US have opened an investigation arising from allegations that a Slovenian immigrant is being forced into participating in increasingly degrading and humiliating tasks at the behest of an individual who could invalidate her claim to citizenship.

“It’s the most horrible example of such a thing we’ve ever seen,” shared one immigration official, “this poor woman has been dressed in the best clothes money can buy, living the life of luxury and forced to stand at a podium and repeat the most ludicrous things”.

WWN has seen footage of the alleged victim, and we can confirm the woman is seen uttering bare faced lie after bare faced lie. Lies so overblown and ridiculous it appears she is being forced to say them purely in a bid to humiliate and embarrass her for the enjoyment of others.

Contrary to cases similar in nature, the woman is never required to hold the man’s hand or show any outward displays of anything approaching genuine affection. It is believed this could have been going on for over 15 years.

“The strain of the woman’s face is visible, as if her features are frozen in time, her lips restricted in their movement making it hard for her to read and say correctly the carefully prepared words clearly written by someone else,” added an official.

However, officials confirmed it could always be worse, the woman could have had the misfortune of being a Donald Trump supporter left stranded and abandoned in the freezing cold to develop hypothermia after one of his rallies held in the middle of global pandemic.