Objections To New Cycle Track Going Up Side Of The Spire


A PROPOSED cycle lane which goes up one side of Dublin city’s Spire and down the other has so far received over 1,000 written objections from locals, WWN has learned.

The sudden appearance of the cycle lane has caused outrage, with objectors claiming the lane will ruin the look of the giant monument, which is located righ at the heart of the city.

“I just think it’s a bit dangerous,” wrote one letter of complaint, “going up the side isn’t the problem, it will be the going down bit that worries me”.

The new lane is just one of dozens of newly installed cycle tracks which have suddenly just appeared overnight right across the Dublin city and the surrounding county, with local councils calling the objectors a ‘bunch of moaners who just hate change’.

“We try and do our best by the city and all we get is people bitching and moaning at every little thing we do; you’d swear they think we’re just putting cycle lanes down just to annoy people,” a Dublin City Council spokesman told WWN. “People need to be more accepting to changes during this new normal”.

However, since its implementation last night, 32 people have been injured attempting the new cycle route.

“One lad just cycled straight into the spire and broke his face,” one eyewitness gave, “on one hand, it’s quite entertaining to watch people attempt to cycle up the lane, but on the other, it’s probably best to just cycle around the 121 meter high needle”.