Local Man Regrets Missing Ennio Morricone In Concert 23 Times


“GONE so soon” posted 42-year old William Carson on his Facebook page today, mourning the death of famed composer Ennio Morricone in his 91st year, described by Carson as ‘easily one of the best composers’ he’s ever listened to.

Carson, who was not pressed to name his second favourite composer, cited Morricone’s years of work on “all them westerns” as a key reason for his sadness at the passing, and even whistled a bit of the Italian maestro’s ‘The Good, the Bad & The Ugly’ despite nobody asking him to.

In a further agonising twist, it transpires that Waterford-born, Dublin-based Carson had frequent opportunities to see Morricone perform live, but passed them all up for a range of activities such as ‘just didn’t go’.

“If I’d known last years concert in the Three Arena was going to be the last chance to see him, I wouldn’t have gone to the darts with my aul lad” posted Carson on his Facebook tribute to Morricone, which succeeded in spelling the composer’s name 8 different ways.

“And then a few years ago I had tickets to see him with the girl I was going with at the time but to be honest the thoughts of three hours of it was a bit much so we stuck the tickets on Done Deal and made a fortune. I remember cheers-ing Ennio when I was drinking with the lads that night, saying ‘this rounds on you, you mad Cowboy. Still though, it’s sad he’s dead. I swear, if he was still alive and came here on concert next year, I’d definitely think about buying a ticket if there was nothing else on that night”.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Clint Eastwood has issued heartfelt mumblings that many believe may be a tribute to Western score-master, Ennio Morricone.