Sisters Of Missing Woman Pick Worst Possible Picture Of Her For National Media


NEVER ones to snub an opportunity to belittle their oldest sibling, the Tracey sisters from Cork admitted to purposely picking the worst image of her for the local and national media to publish, despite her being missing for 3 days.

Rachael Tracey, who was last seen on Monday evening leaving her home in her car, had no say on which picture of her was to be lifted from her facebook page, with sisters Anne, Geraldine and Martina Tracey all opting for the photograph of her at the Electric Picnic festival in 2011, just moments after her stomach was pumped by paramedics for over indulging.

“Yeah, we’ll go with that one; it really captures Rachael’s true inner being,” the sisters all smugly agreed, spitefully ignoring their siblings professional glamour shots and thousands of selfies which seemed to feature only one side of her face and an endless pout.

“The picture needs to be natural and this one of her coming down from a rake of pills and vodka at a music festival is just perfect,” they added, pointing out that most of the other pictures were ‘social media Rachael’, “she never looks that good in real life so best we stick to the one were she’s literally poisoned from a session nine years ago with dyed hair that she doesn’t even have now. Yeah, perfect choice”.

UPDATE: Rachael Tracey has since been found safe and well after coming across her image online and phoning her sisters to fuck them out of it.