Scam Alert Issued After Company Claiming To Be Airline Cons Thousands Of Families


GARDAÍ liaising with interpol agents are currently investigating a multi-million euro scam involving thousands of unsuspecting families who were duped by a company pretending to be an EU law abiding commercial airline going by the name of Ryanair, WWN has learned.

In the apparent con, customers were lured into paying for flights to certain European destinations under the terms that they could receive a full refund if their flight was ever to be cancelled, with Ryanair even confirming this specific condition with a series of follow up emails in the past few weeks, thanking customers for their patience in the ‘delay with processing their refund’.

“Then they just turned around yesterday and basically said ‘nah, fuck off you’re not getting your money back, here’s a voucher that only lasts for 12 months instead’,” one victim of the scam Johnny Regan told WWN. “The email said if we really wanted my money back we’d have to wait until the Covid-19 pandemic is over, even though they are required by law to give it back after 7 days post-cancellation.

“Ryanair, this is my money that I want to use right now. Not next year when your flights will be a lot more expensive and seat numbers restricted due to the coronavirus virus. I want my money now so I can contribute to the struggling local economy here in Ireland, you shower of fucking assholes!”

The company is one of many such airlines reneging on their contracts with customers over the Coronavirus lockdown, citing acts of God to insurers and anything to get them out of paying back what is owed while they continue to break several EU consumer protection laws in the process.

If you’ve been affected by something like this, relevant regulatory authorities have warned consumers to get used to it.