11 Unverified Houseparty App Hack Rumours We’re Happy To Share With You


IT WAS everyone’s favourite new app, the perfect socialising solution to self-isolation until random unverifiable rumours began circulating about how the app was ‘hacked’.

WWN, like any responsible news publication, is doing its best to further spread this very clearly fabricated rumour. Our journalists have collected as many unverified rumours as possible instead of doing quick research, finding out it’s all bullshit and leaving it at that. Without a further ado here’s the entire treasure trove of unfounded rumours below:

1) “Guys, don’t want to panic anyone but I just installed the Houseparty app and I’m looking at my bank accounts and it went back in time and made me spend hundreds of euro on make up, clothes, and takeaways – be careful”

2) “Tried explaining to my girlfriend that the Hosueparty app hacked my account and that it sent loads of dick pics to a bunch of women. It even slept with a few of them, but my GF won’t believe me – do NOT download Houseparty”

3) “My granny’s toilet’s dog’s doctor is the actual Houseparty app and it turns out that when you’re in the shower it sneaks in and pours shampoo directly into your eyes. Dodgy don’t download!”

4) “Don’t use Houseparty lads. I woke up this morning with dicks drawn all over my face. People need to be more careful with the apps they use – always read the terms and conditions!”

5) “The Houseparty app invented Coronavirus so we’d all have to be stuck at home and left with no choice but to download the app. It makes so little sense that it almost, like, makes sense, y’know?”

6) “No Dad, you can’t get Houseparty. No, it doesn’t work on your phone. Yeah, I’m sure. No honestly, it doesn’t I rang up Steve Jobs there personally and he’s after saying you can’t get it on your phone. Yeah, I know it’s only new, but it doesn’t work on your phone so stop trying to ring me on Houseparty”.

7) “Houseparty murdered Carol Baskin’s first husband”.

8) “I hear that once you send something into a WhatsApp group it becomes real. It’s part of an ancient witches curse that started because Mark Zuckerberg built the internet’s house on an ancient Indian burial ground”

9) “That Houseparty app can actually control ventilators and will randomly switch them all off at midnight tonight”.

10) “Lads, apparently that Houseparty has been hacked. And if you don’t believe me Houseparty spelled backwards is ‘hacked’. Mad, isn’t it?”

11) “This rumour wasn’t a rumour until media sites wrote articles telling you it was a rumour, thus spreading the rumour at an exponential rate so that it actually became a genuine rumour, at this point they then wrote follow up articles explaining why the rumour was never rumour to begin with and that they can’t quite understand why people would believe something so stupid”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for your delicious clicks.