Man Suffocates After Bag Full Of Bags Under His Kitchen Sink Explode


THE family of Mossey Burns are said to be in a state of shock today after the father of children was found suffocated to death in his kitchen after a freak accident caused by a bag full of bags under the sink.

An alarm was raised at approximately 21:30 last night by a concerned neighbour who spotted the front door and windows of the house forced open by what seemed to be “a wave of plastic bags”.

“It was like an explosion in a balloon factory or something,” said Dominic Carey, who immediately phoned Gardai, ”I tried to get through the sea of bags but there was just too many. By the time the Guards came two hours later I was only as far as the stairwell”.

A rescue operation was put in place and several response teams from neighbouring towns joined in the search for survivors. It wasn’t until 4am this morning that Mr. Burns’ lifeless body was found encased in plastic bags.

Investigators believe the 36-year-old may have been overwhelmed after opening the press door under the sink whilst trying to put in yet another plastic bag.

“They must have just built up over time,” said paramedic James Condon.

“We believe the bag just exploded knocking Mr. Carey to the ground and smothered him slowly in what must have been a very agonising death.”

It is believed that a total of 40,000 bags engulfed the bottom floor of the two bedroom house, bursting open doors and windows with the force.

“On the plus side it was a very colourful death,” said Garda Terry Ward, who was first to arrive at the scene, “there were red bags, blue bags, green bags, white bags, blue red and white bags, cotton bags, Lidl bags, bags for life, black Tesco bags and those old school stripy red and white bags from the eighties. It was quite a collection!”

Over 450 people a year die from plastic bag related deaths around the world and the government has called on better awareness to the dangers of overloading bag of bags underneath the sink, with a recommended 200 bag limit being advised.