Local Woman Informs Kids That Mother’s Day Is Going Ahead Despite Coronavirus


DESPITE mounting pressure to postpone this year’s celebrations to accommodate both the ongoing Coronavirus emergency and her family’s inability to organise anything for her, Waterford mother Edel O’Kiernan has adamantly stated that Mother’s Day is to go ahead on the 22nd of March as planned.

Facing intense criticism from her four kids, O’Kiernan has demanded that she be celebrated in a manner she deserves on Sunday week, with cards from each child and not just one signed by them all, and a nice meal out in a restaurant of her choosing.

With her kids Yvonne (21), Declan (18), Will (13) and Sean Óg (9) all making passionate arguments for not bothering with Mother’s Day this year what with everyone being ‘all infectious and everything’ it seems nothing will stop the 49-year-old Waterford native from getting what she wants, health and sanitation be damned.

“You’ve got the WHO advising people to avoid mass gatherings, and here she is demanding we take her to Mass on Sunday morning and then go to Avoca for scones?” sighed Yvonne O’Kiernan, trying her best to avoid spending money.

“It’s simply incredible that someone would not follow simple guidelines, just so they can get a bath set from Lush and a bottle of prosecco. And then we have to tidy the whole house while she has a lie down, and get her a takeaway from that Indian place she likes? It’s becoming apparent that she’s putting financial concerns ahead of what is best for everyone, and we find that very alarming”.

[UPDATE] O’Kiernan has relented to pressure and agreed to postpone Mother’s Day, but has demanded that she get ‘twice as much shit’ when the family settle on a suitable future date.