Local Man Settles In For Night Of Pampering & Self-Care With The Lads


SHUNNING the excesses of heavy drinking and late nights with little sleep, The Lads™ (Ian, Chunky, Matt the Head, Liam and Scanno) have convened in the sitting room of their rented accommodation for an evening of eye masks, dressing gowns and high levels of self care and pampering.

“Jesus, lads, we need to do this more regularly,” shared Dermot ‘Chunky’ Kenny (25), aware that in the drunken haze of getting absolutely obliterated most weekends he’s left with little opportunity or time to really check in on his friends and see how they’re getting on.

Between reading the packets of their face masks aloud to ‘ooh’ and ‘aahs’ at the mention of life-changing exfoliation and cleansing, and tearing up watching Emma Thompson version of Sense And Sensibility, The Lads caught up on how work and life was going for each other, taking turns to listen and offer support to one another.

“So hang on, ya just put your feet in this hot water and what? This seems a bit stupid. Is this a prank lads,” a skeptical Matt the Head asked before getting lost in the comfort provided by a good foot soak and lavender scented foot oil combo.

“Anyone for another glass of prosecco,” queried Chunky, as the group sank further into a state of relaxed bliss, world’s away for the usual 3am tequila shots, pissing down laneways and vomiting followed by a competition to see who could survive being slapped in the testicle by a sweeping brush they found on the ground.