Healthy Living Not Worth The Effort Confirm Scientists


A BREAKTHROUGH in the way we view healthy diets and fitness routines is on the way after a groundbreaking study from a group of Irish scientists, WWN can confirm.

At a press conference with a massive media presence a research team at TCD teased a major discovery before finally relenting and explaining the life-altering fruits of their labour.

“It’s just not worth it; healthy living, regular exercise, eating the right foods. All of it. Like, who is arsed waking up at 6am for the gym, calorie counting every meal from here until you’re 90. Just fucking enjoy yourselves,” confirmed Dr. Leonora O’Brien.

The revelatory discovery will change the way people approach the hard hours put in at the gym and an onerous attention to detail when it comes to what foods they will or won’t put in their bodies.

“Research was exhausting, we worked out non stop, only ate picture perfect protein and salads and Jesus, we were in fowl humour and always knackered – honestly, it’s not worth it,” added Dr. Graham Hinley as he joined the celebrations with his colleagues, helping himself to some beers, pizza and cakes.

Statistically speaking those individuals who keep postponing health kicks in favour of spending their valuable down time on eating delicious calories were found to be infinitely more fun. The research team sounded a cautious note when alerting the public to a worrying trend of fit and healthy people who disagree with their findings.

“Don’t mind those healthy and trim pricks, they’re only pissed off no one reacted to their latest gym selfie,” concluded Dr. O’Brien.