“I Haven’t Seen My Family In 6 Years” We Speak To Motorists Trapped In M50 Traffic


IN ORDER to better understand Dublin’s chronic congestion, WWN spoke to some drivers on the M50 who wanted us to relay a message to their families that they love them and hope to be home soon, some 6 years after first leaving for work.

“Here, here’s a picture of my daughter, Aoife. Find her, tell her Mommy loves her,” one commuter, Ainé Cahily, tells us as she reaches out of her car clutching our jacket in desperation.

Ainé started her journey to work 6 years ago and last remembers coming onto the Red Cow roundabout, caught behind a truck overtaking another truck. She lost hope a long time ago and has accepted her fate, trapped in Ireland’s very own gridlocked Bermuda triangle.

“Don’t lie to me here, are we in purgatory? Is any of this even real? Can you tell me how Breaking Bad ended?” screamed another commuter, who had long since gone insane from being locked in their car with nothing but chirpy morning radio DJs for company.

“Ah, it’s not as bad as everyone says,” remarked one man cooking fresh rat on a makeshift grill made out of his car’s hubcaps as he waited for the traffic to start moving again.

So deranged and detached from reality had some commuters become, many claimed that the builders and planners responsible for the M50 had forgotten to build a Junction 8 exit, in a move totally out of character for key infrastructure projects in Ireland.

“Don’t be silly, it’s right there in between Junction 7 and Junction 9, wait, what the…” we said as we realised we too had now become permanently trapped on the poorly planned out motorway.