Nation Just Going To Lie When Future Generations Ask About Direct Provision


RUN FOR PROFIT, robbing refugees of dignity and causing untold longterm psychological damage all with a lack of oversight or transparency, Direct Provision Centres have been labeled this generation’s Magdalene Laundries and have given Irish society the chance to repeat the mistakes of the past by turning a blind eye and waiting for someone else to stand up and do something about it.

Covering theirs ears to avoid hearing about inhumane conditions in Direct Provision Centres, much of the nation has already made peace with ignoring the failed system of processing refugees in Ireland and will manfully lie to anyone who asks them about the scandal in years to come.

“What did people say about pretending not to know about clerical child sex abuse? ‘It was a different time. And sure, I didn’t know what really went on in there?’ Think I’ll use that old chestnut for DP,” shared one local Irish person, who hopes her future children don’t have access to the wealth of articles online which reported the abject state of the Direct Provision system in 2019.

Incidents of refugees being denied nappies and baby formula for newborn children, being forced to wash their clothes in the sink of an overcrowded hotel room for 6 months, incidents of children expressing a desire to kill themselves, and a deceased asylum seeker being buried by the State without anyone being notified are just some of the stories reported in the media the nation will feign shock at when the inevitable Direct Provision inquiries begin in the next few years and attract international attention.

“Direct Provision? It was a horrific scandal. Cowardly politicians doing nothing. Of course I was out there at every protest,” said one Irish person, practicing his lines in the mirror, ahead of the years to come during which he will pretend he did something about well-documented inhumane treatment.

“Oh, who me? No, my life is fairly comfortable and I’m pretty at peace with saying I just don’t give a shit what’s done in my name as long as I’m all good. Out of sight, out of mind,” confirmed one person, who felt comfortable not lying about just letting it continue to happen.