WWN’s Weekend Sport Recap


IT’S BEEN another fantastic few days of sport and WWN is here to catch you up on all the thrills, spills and performance enhancing pills.

There was much surprise as Martin O’Neill was sacked by Nottingham Forest just 6 months into his tenure there. In keeping with his reputation as yesterday’s man, completely out of touch with modern football, O’Neill demanded his P45 be delivered via carrier pigeon on a wax sealed scroll.

There wasn’t a strawberry milked last night as Wexford ended their 15 year wait for a Leinster Hurling title with a historic win over Kilkenny.

In scenes reminiscent of the beach landings on Curracloe in Saving Private Ryan, local Wexicans flooded into the Stores in a bid to obliterate the watering hole’s drink supply in much the same way Tom Hanks and the boys obliterated the Nazis.

Limerick won a second successive Munster hurling title, completing their transformation from underdogs into the team people begin to hate, but only cus they’re jealous of their success.

England’s women’s team has made it to the semi finals of the World Cup and are in line for getting everyone’s hopes up before predictably losing in what Irish fans hope is hilarious fashion.

The Copa America is still going on and while we haven’t bothered to check in on what’s happening, we can only assume your mate in your WhatsApp group still thinks Messi’s a fraud.

Wimbledon kicks off today but the start will be delayed after a number of dogs, disguised as ball boys, sneaked onto the courts and stole all the tennis balls.

In honour of the famous tournament starting up, local Man Eoin Canty has looked up pictures of Anna Kournikova online.

Wimbledon ground staff have been treated for minor injuries after receiving 40 lashes from the Queen as she deemed the grass courts to be 1 millimetre too long.

Andy Murray’s fitness remains a concern as he is suffering from tennis elbow, ankle, lung and groin.