Bully Rickshaw Drivers Forcing Drugs On Poor Innocent Irish People


IRELAND’S squeaky clean reputation is reportedly in jeopardy this week after it has been revealed that dozens of rickshaw drivers have been selling large quantities of illegal drugs, some of which ranging into the tens of euros, WWN can unfortunately confirm.

Once a sober and a health conscious nation, Ireland’s capital streets have become a playground for high ranking drug dealers from around the world who flock here to work undercover as poorly paid rickshaw drivers to push 50 euro bags of weed on innocent passengers and corrupt an entire nation.

“I just wanted a lift to mass to say some prayers with my girlfriend when the evil foreign rickshaw driver forced me to buy two ecstasy tablets for 10 euros each after I asked him for two,” one victim recalls, jaws still physically shaking from the ordeal, “normally I’d pay five euros each, but it was just the aggressive way he said it, so we had no choice as mass was starting in five minutes.

“Some slap off them though,” the victim added.

Gardaí from Pearse Street station carried out searches close to where drivers congregate to find illegal drugs stashed in various locations, some containing enough drugs to supply China for 10 years.

“See here; this is a wrap of cocaine and a 20 spot of hashish, probably shipped into the country via submarine from Brazil,” explained a garda involved in the groundbreaking investigation into why Ireland has suddenly become high on drugs, “over there they have these gangs called drug cartels who run all the narcotic business using violence and it’s only a matter of time before Ireland has its own drug cartel running everything”.

Following the finds, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has passed a €2 billion euro bill to help tackle rickshaw drivers selling drugs and has called on another 4,000 gardaí to be trained in to deal with the scourge on Ireland’s once pure streets.