Local Woman Still Not 100% Confident Using Petrol Pumps


ONE WATERFORD woman has confessed to having a mild to severe anxiety attack every time she is required to use a petrol pump to refill her car, WWN has learned.

Rosie Muldoon (25) has admitted to letting her petrol gauge reach a dangerously low level not out of a desire to live a daredevil life but solely due to the fact she never feels confident in refilling the tank.

“I’m always half suspicious I’ll forget how to do it. Then there’s pulling up to a diesel pump by accident. I’m panicking just thinking about it now,” explained Muldoon who always fills her tank to whole way up so she can put off going through the ordeal again for as long as possible.

“And I get these sexist looks off lads sometimes, but then I feel like I’m letting down other women ‘cus I’m there searching YouTube for a ‘how to refill car tank’ video. I can’t go on like this”.

Muldoon is not alone and her brave confession has seen hordes of other motorists come forward to share their own stories.

“As a man, I dunno, it’s a stupid stereotype society has about lads and cars, but each time I’m at the pump I feel I have to act like I could strip the car down for parts if I wanted to.

“But like, how the fuck do you convey that in a stance while pumping petrol? I end up feeling and looking awkward, people know I’m a fraud,” shared Derek Loughlin, who also suffers from Petrol Pump Apprehension Syndrome (PPAS).