McDonald To Wear Gerry Adams Mask In Bid To Recover Support


AFTER SHEDDING 78 seats in the recent local elections Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has taken stock of what went wrong and how the party can recover going forward.

“I’ll take a long hard look at all the possible reasons that don’t lay the finger of blame directly on me,” said McDonald very clearly wearing a Gerry Adams mask on her face.

Quick to downplay the decimation of her party at council level, McDonald rejected the notion that the election amounts to an embarrassing rejection of her and her party’s performance and policies.

“Since when was politics about ‘winning seats’ and ‘securing votes’? Everyone knows it’s the taking part that counts,” McDonald added, proudly wearing her ‘election participation medal’.

Asked if a drastic shift in policies and a clearer Republican platform is needed to bring some supporters back to the party, McDonald pointed to the mask on her face.

“We’re up 5% in the 10 minutes since I put this on,” she added, as reporters struggled to hear her over the sound of ‘Come Out Ye Black and Tans’ blaring from a speaker slung over her shoulder.

“I don’t think our supporters respond to empty gimmicks, I’ll win them back with a strong vision and detailed policies, not token displays of misty eyed nationalism,” concluded McDonald sweating under the fleshy mask as she loaded an empty ATM onto a nearby JCB.