Late Late Show Country Special: 3 Best Windows To Throw The TV Out Of


IT’S that time of year again! The Late Late Show Country spectacular is upon us which has some viewers wondering how to cancel their licence fee but there is a far more simple alternative.

Not interested in seeing Ryan Tubridy pretending to enjoy dirge after dirge of the most horrendous noise masquerading as music? Can’t rely on yourself not to fly off the handle and do something stupid/commit mass murder if you’re exposed to Daniel O’Donnell and Nathan Carter?

Don’t worry WWN Entertainment is here to show you the 3 best windows to fuck your TV out of so you don’t suffer any pain.

Sitting room window

The TV’s already in there, not much lugging around to do. Just plug the thing out and fuck it the fuck out of the window and wonder just what we ever did as a Nation to deserve such a programme.

Bedroom window

That extra height from the second floor will ensure the TV won’t be in any fit state to even show the weekend repeat of the Late Late in the event of you calming down and going off to get the TV repaired.

Take a baseball bat to it, dose it in petrol and set it alight. You can’t risk it somehow accidentally spitting out a verse of Wagon Wheel.

From atop the RTÉ’s transmission mast

Technically not a window but once you’ve climbed the large mast you can fuck the TV off vital cables, connections and satellites thus making sure absolutely no one is subjected to this war crime/harmless bit of fun that you wouldn’t begrudge anyone enjoying at the end of the day.