Unmarked Mass Baby Graves? In Ireland We Call That A Thursday


THE BLITHE indifference with which much of the Irish public greeted the news that more babies were buried in unmarked mass graves at so-called Mother and Baby homes, proves that this is just a standard Thursday for most people.

The existence of other mass graves and illegal adoptions were long reported on by journalists dedicated to uncovering the truth, but the government, through its interim Mother and Baby homes report only got around to admitting such things yesterday and thus jolting next to no one into a desire to protest or raise hell.

“What do you want me to do about it?” remarked one member of the public, who was angry about it, sure, but not angry enough to contact their local TD HERE and demand that a scoping exercise into illegal birth registrations be expanded beyond just 1% of the cases held by Tusla and the Adoption Authority of Ireland.

International observers with little knowledge of an average Thursday in Ireland have admitted to being confused by the continued silence of religious orders, officials and members of the public who refuse to come forward with relevant information.

“What, are you expecting an answer or something? Piss off,” confirmed an elderly nun, who couldn’t muster up enough humanity to care about the children then, so there’s little chance she’ll do it now.

The mundane nature of a bog standard Thursday in Ireland also meant news that the government is making it difficult for many survivors of Mother and Baby homes to avail of a redress scheme hasn’t galvanised people to contact their local TD HERE to raise the issue.

“Is thousands of babies buried in unmarked graves just about the most heinous and evil thing I’ve ever heard of in my life? Yeah. Am I, like, going to do anything about it… look I’ve actually a lot on at the minute,” confirmed another member of the public who conceded it’s just another average day in Ireland after all.