Hallmark Launch Dirty Uncle Day


THE world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of greeting cards has today announced a brand new day of celebration in appreciation of all the world’s dirty uncles, WWN can confirm.

Dirty Uncle’s Day is due to be launched on Sunday the 7th of July to mirror similar celebrations like Mother’s and Father’s Day throughout the year.

“It’s time we recognised dirty uncles around the world, annually,” insisted Hallmark spokesperson Laura Masterson, “our new range of dirty uncle day greeting cards will focus on all the filthy minded uncles around the world who can only communicate using sexual innuendos and creepy jokes.

“This forgotten, but common family character should be celebrated and Hallmark is proud to introduce this new line of card for the general public to fuss over every single year”.

Dirty uncles across the world have welcomed their new dedicated day.

“It’s about time we’re being recognised as an essential member of the family unit,” expressed 47-year-old Danny Tyril, who is a dirty uncle to 4 nieces and 2 nephews. “I’m going to work extra hard this year at saying the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times while also making it impossible for me to ever be left alone with younger members of the family”.