Irish Mum Kills 1 Person Every Time Son Visits Home ‘For Conversation’s Sake’


AN Irish mother of two has admitted to killing at least one person in the locality in a bid to have something to talk about with her son who returns home every few weeks from college, WWN can confirm.

Maureen Stapleton, 57, pleaded guilty to the first degree murder of 23 village residents over a two year period and apologised to the victims families in a the closing arguments of her trial.

“Informing Jamie of who died every time he came home to visit was the only way I could spark up a conversation with him,” Stapleton said in defence of her horrific crimes.

“It all started one week when there wasn’t one single person dead since the last time he came back and we literally had nothing to talk about that evening,” she explained to the jury of 5 men and 7 women, “I’ll never forget that awful silence, so I took it upon myself to make sure that the next time he came back we’d have something to talk about”.

Admitting to taking out people she didn’t like very much anyway, Stapleton detailed a harrowing account of her 23 known murders, many of whom were people around her own age and attended a local bridge club.

“The local murders were very exciting to talk about and my little Jamie would listen to me for hours talking about the details,” she said. “I suppose when I look back at what I did, it was a little extreme, but sure, they would have all died at some point in their lives anyway”.

Taking her age and reasoning into consideration, the judge handed down a suspended life sentence of 11 years and for Mrs. Stapleton to sign on in the local garda station every week. The judge also suggested to her son to talk to his mother more about other things apart from local people dying.