Plans For Soon To Be Abandoned Liffey Cycle Route Unveiled


AN IMPRESSIVE set of images showcasing the National Transport Authority plans for a dedicated cycle lane along the river Liffey has been released to the public, shortly before the entire proposal is to be scrapped once one resident who doesn’t live near it files an objection.

Possible solutions in the aftermath of the successful objection, which will derail plans by the NTA to do something straightforward and sensible, include placing all of the current proposed route under water.

“I knew this cycle lane was doomed the second I realised it made perfect sense,” confirmed one irate cyclist, who’ll just have to rely on Dublin city’s famously calm and observant drivers to not run him over.

One unfortunate fallout from the news that the route will be inevitably cancelled soon is that countless cyclists with Go Pros surgically sewn to their heads will have to find other routes in the city to be annoying pricks on.