Incidents We Thought Might Change The World, But We All Just Got On With Life


1) Refugees drowning in the Mediterranean sea

Like most of you we were almost 100% certain the world would stand as one and say ‘no more’ but boy were we wrong. It’s still happening and sure, you don’t even bother reading about it anymore.

Remember when that child washed ashore? And you thought to yourself something has to be done. Anything. Politicians have to act. But then you ended up signing that petition demanding that the hotel in your town not be converted into a place for refugees to stay? Memories, huh?

2) China imprisoning over 1 million Muslims

Dude, us too! We were like, no way Western nations and leading multinational corporations continue to shrug their shoulders and say ‘okay but like it’s super cheap to manufacture here so what’s a million imprisoned Uighar Muslims among friends?’ But then surprisingly they did just ignore it. So much for the human beings thinking maybe don’t imprison 1 million people belonging to a specific religion.

3) Impending Yemen famine

Out of all the incidents on the list we were most convinced this would be the one to see people around the world rise up and demand action and an end to the deliberate military action, backed by Saudi Arabia, which sought to force famine conditions on more than 22 million people.

We know, it’s crazy that politicians didn’t demand action as we sat at home on our couch occasionally tweeting about it.

Oh well can’t wait for Live Aid Yemen with Ed Sheeran shredding it on guitar in Wembley, totally gonna text donate €2.

4) Trump’s detention and separation from parents of migrant and refugee children

Ah if we’re being honest, we figured this one wasn’t going to threaten to change the world. Not for the better, at least.