Disgusting Scenes As Waterford Town Comes Together To Welcome Refugees Into Community


THE Waterford town of Lismore has come under scrutiny after news broke of locals’ disturbing intention to welcome a family of refugees with open arms, WWN can regretfully report.

Lismore was selected by the Department of Justice as one of a number of towns to run a pilot community sponsorship programme which involves helping refugees integrate into Ireland, and the town has shamelessly reacted in a collective manner to welcome people fleeing a warzone.

“Disgusting. It’d make your heart soar with pride, if you were into that sort of thing, but thankfully I’m not,” confirmed one unidentified man who drove all the way from Dublin to correct those involved in welcoming refugees and inform them that, according to him, ‘Waterford is sick to the teeth of Waterford doing positive humane things’.

“We have to look after our own,” added the man, who would never give money to homeless people ‘cus they’re only filthy junkies who’d stab you on command, animals, in fact, the lot of them.

The kindness and generosity shown by the town could escalate in the coming weeks, forcing many people who find this sort of thing nothing short of a disgrace to get even angrier.

“I’ve seen this stuff before. Pictures of smiling faces of people who have fled certain death as locals gather to welcome them. It’d make you sick, all the genuine positivity. It’s horrible, and it’s not the Ireland I know,” added the Dublin based man, who quickly got back in his car as he was due home to be ignored by his increasingly distant family.