“What Do You Mean You Don’t Like Pancakes?” Psychopath Asked


A BUSY Waterford workplace has descended into chaos after one colleague revealed their psychopathic tendencies when freely admitting they do not like pancakes.

Neil Drummond (27) has been repeatedly asked “what do you mean you don’t like pancakes?” by his coworkers, with some colleagues from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors coming down to the 1st floor to get a proper look at the psychopath.

“How can you say such a thing? On this, the most sacred pancake day of the year?” one of Drummond’s upset coworkers asked, not fully able to comprehend the evil before their eyes. Others had to be held back as they tried to kick and punch at Drummond.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” wailed another tearful coworker as they buried their head in their hands, “if you prefer sweet or savory, it doesn’t matter. Pancakes are there for you no matter what!”

Drummond dismissed each question with the relaxed and detached manner of a serial killer, refusing to see how big a deal this was to the now 50-person strong crowd which was gathered around his desk.

Pancake Tuesday, celebrated the world over, is one of the most sacred day’s in the life of food devotees with the average person consuming upwards of half a tonne of pancakes which contain no calories only on this most special day.

Elsewhere, a set of Dublin parents have been reported to social services by their children after trying to pass off shop bought pancakes as ‘homemade’ and ‘delicious’.