Thousands Of Lie-ins At Risk As EU Target Changing Of Clocks


THERE have been fresh calls for a discussion about a possible Irish exit from the European Union, following an EU committee decision to ban the biannual changing of the clocks, putting thousands of Irish lie-ins in jeopardy.

A group of MEPs agreed this week that the changing of the times by one hour twice a year should be scrapped by 2021, bringing an end to an extra hour in bed in the winter and a fairly decent excuse for missing an hour of work in the spring.

With households all across Ireland counting on the clocks going forward/clocks going backward for everything ranging from giving young babies an opportunity to ‘sleep through the night’ for the first time, to Dads making jokes about how the clock in their car is ‘finally set to the right time’, the announcement was met with staunch resistance from a hastily formed Facebook group called ‘Say No To The EU About This Bullshit’.

“This is putting a couple of good sessions at risk,” said one member of the FB group.

“Even in the spring, you could tell the boss that you slept in because your alarm didn’t go off, or you ‘forgot to change the clock’… it didn’t matter that you use your phone and it updated itself automatically for the last ten years. We didn’t mind the EU when it came to burdening us with a generation of debt, or robbing the fish out of our seas, but missing two hours hungover in the year? No, that won’t stand”.

The clocks next go forward on March 31st, with Irish people warned to ‘enjoy it while it lasts’.