Feminist Fail: This Woman Finds Men Attractive


BETRAYING the sisterhood that is feminsim, one woman has been accused of completely abandoning the strict and extreme application of feminist ideals due to being heterosexual, WWN has learned.

Kate Calley (25) confirmed her lack of feminist credentials by shamelessly confirming she finds men, of all species, attractive.

“Yeah, sounds like a serious feminist alright. Men are the worst apparently, but she still wants to date them, couldn’t make it up,” confirmed one man who jumped out from behind a bin to share the news of Calley’s rank hypocrisy.

“Oh she’ll complain about the pay gap and sexual harassment but at the end of the day when looking for a longterm partner she’ll be falling in love with a man. She hasn’t a leg to stand on when it comes to her so-called ‘feminism’,” scoffed another man who emerged from underneath a nearby bridge.

Calley’s sexual orientation has left her claims she believes in ‘equality’ in tatters, and such an epic feminist fail will, according to experts, see her excommunicated from the intersectional sect.

“Uh oh, they won’t like that the feminists. Heaven forbid she gives birth a boy down the line, then they’ll really lose the rag with her,” confirmed a megaphone wielding man on top of a bus with an ad bearing slogan ‘not so up yourselves now feminists, eh?’ emblazoned across it, accompanied by a photo of Calley kissing a man.

Calley has refused to comment on accusations she’s compromised the entire feminist movement with her finding men attractive betrayal but is expected to tender her resignation to Feminism HQ later this afternoon.