Americans Burn Down Hotel Earmarked For Irish Immigrants


EXPLAINING that the infestation of America by an estimated 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants can’t go on any longer, local Bostonians took the unprecedented step of burning down a hotel earmarked for immigrants.

“They keep to themselves, don’t mix well, commit crimes, and don’t accept the American way of life. Calling them migrants is fucking generous too, they’re welfare tourists,” confirmed one anti-Irish protester.

“Why can’t their own country look after them? I don’t see why we have to take them. It’s not America’s problem,” added another protester who was concerned about the IRA presence now in America.

The burning down of a hotel Irish immigrants allegedly stay in before choosing to illegally remain in America is reminiscent of a recent incident in New York which also resulted in a hotel being burned down, seemingly a statement of how resented Irish people’s presence is in America.

The understandable animosity against a corrupt and workshy group a filthy immigrants who even avail of public services paid for by the taxpayer will only continue to grow, but has been met with surprise back in Ireland.

“Jesus, we’d never treat people this harshly, and all the lies they’re spreading about the Irish over there. It’s disgusting, I just can’t imagine anything like that happening here,” confirmed one Irish person.