Local Man Has His Own Lyrics To Champions League Song


ALTHOUGH last year’s Champions League final drew an estimated 180 million viewers worldwide, with each viewer singing a different version of the iconic theme tune, Waterford man Dean Ledfern is adamant that his own take is the best around.

Heralding the start and end of every ad break as well as the leading out of the teams, the Champions League tune has become as much a part of European soccer since its introduction in 1992 as throwing yourself to the ground for a penalty or hushing up sexual assault claims with huge amounts of cash.

With laws in place stating that all men watching a Champions League game must sing along to the theme song phonetically, 33-year-old Tramore native Ledfern talked exclusively to WWN Sport about his lyrics.

“There are no official lyrics to the song, it’s all just noises like that O Fortuna song, or the national anthem” said Ledfern, sitting back for Liverpool versus Bayern Munich.

“So you really just have to open up your throat and go for it. It comes on, the graphics swirl, you hum and mumble around and then you build up really big for the bit where they yell ‘THE CHAMPIONS!’… then your missus tells you to sit the fuck down or go watch the football in the kitchen”.

Ledfern’s full lyrics are listed below;

These aren’t messers
Rescind the best, then
Easy for champions

(hums like trumpet)

Wee blessin’s
Good passers
We’d all love to be