Top 3% Of Bottom 45% Have 12% Of Top 89%’s Wealth


THE LATEST, easy to digest financial report from an Irish think tank has broken down the economic fortunes of the nation in a simple and clear way with the top 3% of the bottom 45% maintaining 12% of the top 89%’s seasonal and occasional ocular wealth half of the time.

What this means for the average person’s bank account, job prospects, earning potential and financial wiggle room doesn’t need to be explained, and political parties will be reading over the report with one eye on shaping their taxation policies to coax the public to vote for them next election.

“That top 3% of the top 89%’s bottom 45% is where a lot of the monetary low fat spread can be,” explained co-author of the report Keelin Crowley, “para-economically speaking of course”.

“Keelin couldn’t more right, the average person can sometimes become overwhelmed by jargon and numbers and ultimately conclude it’s all a load of waffle, but I think this report puts those doubts to age adjusted inflation bed,” added co-author of the 12,000 page report Gavin Evans.

News that the top 3% of the bottom 45% have as much as 12% of the top 89%’s wealth really hammers home the fact Ireland is either a vastly unequal society in need of rebalance or not remotely as divided, financially speaking, as previously thought.