Let’s Stop Acting Like We Didn’t Join A Terror Cell When We Were Teenagers


CRITICS of infamous British ‘ISIS Bride’ Shamina Begum have been reminded that we were all teenagers once, and most of us were part of some bloodthirsty amphetamine-fueled hate group hellbent on genocide at that age.

Begum, who left the UK to join ISIS in 2015, hit the headlines last week while pleading to be allowed to return to Britain to give birth to her baby after a disillusioning few years with the terror group, during which time the appeal of being a child bride to a Jihadi extremist ‘kinda buggered off’.

With the vast majority of Britons more than happy to let the seemingly unrepentant teen reap what she has sown, moderates have come forward to put Begum’s transgressions down as ‘shit we all did when we were young’.

“Hey, let’s quit acting like we didn’t behead a few Syrian farmers in our time,” said one commentator, showing pictures of his gap year spent garroting lads in the Helmand province in Afghanistan.

“You have to put yourself in Shamina’s lack of shoes. She’s young, she hears of these ISIS lads, see’s videos of them burning lads alive… of course she’s going to want in on that. We all would! Let’s cut the kid some slack. Anyone got a knife?”.

Critics of Ms. Begum who claim they can’t relate to joining a terror cell as a child have been asked to think about other crazy shit they may have done, such as bleaching their hair or being a fan of Westlife.