Posh Couple Accused Of Cultural Appropriation After Calling Child ‘Jacintha’


A WELL-TO-DO south county Dublin couple have been accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ after naming their infant daughter Jacintha Crystal Britney O’Byrne.

Significant online criticism has been leveled at Olwyn and Spencer O’Byrne with calls for the couple to be reported to social services for their blatant adoption of certain names associated with a societal group that has limited power and representation in public life.

“They should know better, they come from privilege and they are misappropriating elements of working class culture and frankly, it’s offensive,” shared one person online who was urging people to pressure Spencer’s and Olwyn’s employers to consider firing them for their reprehensible and insensitive actions.

Sociologist Professor Edwina Collerton spoke to WWN about the controversial naming of the independently wealthy child.

“She will have the name Jacintha but will face none of the challenges and discrimination a Jacintha could and possibly will be subjected to,” explained Prof Collerton.

The O’Byrnes were unavailable for comment as they were taking week-old Jacintha for her first skiing lesson on Richard Branson’s private ski slopes in Austria.

UPDATE: Prof Collerton has been forced to resign her position after being accused of speaking on behalf of a marginalised group while in possession of a posh accent.