PC World Branch Burned To The Ground By Alt-Right Mob


FIREFIGHTERS spent this morning battling a blaze at a branch of PC World in Workington in the United Kindom after an angry mob, believed to be affiliated with several extremist far-right groups, set it ablaze.

Travelling on buses from nearby Cockermouth on the A66, hordes of far-right protesters (mostly men) could be heard shouting “you can’t say anything these days” and seemed to be demanding an end to the politically correct culture they erroneously believed PC World to be responsible for starting and fostering.

“Can’t say nowt about no one, not even coloureds,” raged one man who had ‘had enough’ of being repeatedly arrested and sent to jail for racially motivated attacks.

“And don’t get me started on the birds, they do my nut in,” shared a serial sex offender who was breaking his bail conditions to be at the arson attack.

Brave and courageous branch manager Martin Melvin sought to talk to the mob for several minutes in a bid to calm them down before they entered the store. He spoke with WWN earlier today despite being visible shaken.

“I tried to tell them the mistake they’d made, we just sell computers, shit like that. But then once they spotted we’re actually called Currys PC World these days, well, as you can imagine, they fucking lost their minds,” Mr. Melvin shared.