Radio Gaga, Lady Gaga’s Grandmother, Has Passed Away


SOME SAD news coming into us that newly minted double-Oscar nominee for 2019 Lady Gaga is today mourning the loss of her influential grandmother Radio Gaga, who was of course immortalised in song by Queen, who themselves had some Oscar nominations to celebrate this week too.

Radio, 79, inspired the Queen hit of the same name but will now be unable to join her granddaughter at the Oscars ceremony in February as was previously hoped.

A former lover of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who composed the song about her, Radio was treated for poor reception and failing AA batteries in St John Hopkins University hospital before slowly succumbing to her ailments. The pair later fell out over a dispute over royalties from the song.

“You made us feel like we could fly Radio,” Taylor said in a short statement issued today, although it is unclear if Radio had literally convinced Taylor he could fly. Fearing for Taylor’s safety, WWN made inquiries with his PR team, urging them to reassure the Queen member of the impossibility of human-arm-flight. We received no response.

No immediate news on funeral plans have been announced but in a 2014 interview with GQ Lady Gaga affirmed her grandmother’s desire to be tuned to her favourite station and put on maximum volume when she passed away.