Aer Lingus Unveil New ‘Not As Bad As Ryanair’ Logo


THE NEW Aer Lingus logo revamp which cost a rumoured €2 million will see Ireland’s favourite airline adopt the logo with a slogan ‘Not As Bad As Ryanair’ in a bid to bring the airline’s look into the 21st century.

“The ‘o’ in ‘not’ will be a shamrock, we’re really quite excited about rolling out the new logo and slogan for our customers,” confirmed head of marketing at Aer Lingus, Grainne Duffy.

Other slogans rejected by Aer Lingus focus groups included ‘ee won’t leave you stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere’, ‘bring on as many bags as you like you sneaky bastards’ and ‘behold the miracle of a seat that actually reclines back’.

While Aer Lingus’ focus is on transatlantic flights, the winning logo and slogan is one that will really appeal to those customers that travel in Europe.

The company charged with rendering the logo and bringing it to life spoke to WWN about how they can charge much more for their work if they talk about it all in a pseudo-intellectual way.

“The shamrock in the logo is Ireland itself, it is your mother cradling you as a child but at the same time it is our constant existential battle for meaning and understanding. It is getting shitfaced with your mates on Guinness, it is everything, yet it is nothing,” confirmed head of design at Add An Extra Zero On That Invoice, Matt Corley.

Feedback on the logo has been overwhelmingly positive so far.